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Linear regression in C++

By Shubham Chandrakant Shinde

In this C++ project, the regression analysis is done to find equations that will fit the data. Linear regression is one type of regression analysis. The equation for a line is y = a + bX.

First, you can download the source code and unzip it to use. U can run this source code on any platform like Visual Studio Code, Dev c++, etc.



The Data_input () function will take all the available input for x-coordinates and y-coordinates from the user.

Instead of the array, we used vector datatype because we don't need to specify the size of the vector while declaring.


Data_process() function will calculate all the necessary calculations required for the formula of linear regression.


Linera_reg() function will process on calculated data and provide the desired output.

the set precision() method is to display output up to a specific decimal number using the library








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Submitted by Shubham Chandrakant Shinde (Shubham25)

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