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Linked List Elements Inserting in C++ Programming Language

By Bharti Suraj Ramashanker

Linked Lists are the data structures that can be used in place of the array. Here is the implementation of Linked List in C++ Programming Language.


It is a linear collection of data elements whose order is not given by their physical placement in memory. Here each part is called node which contains the data and a pointer that points to the next node. The storage of the linked list is in Heap section of the memory as we are using the "new" keyword. 

There are 3 types of Linked list:

         . Singly-linked list

         . Doubly-linked list

         . Circular Linked List

Here we are implementing Singly-Linked list in C++ Programming Language. We are using the concept of Class here to make a user-defined datatype which is called a node or LinkedListNode(here).

We can insert the element in a Linked list in 3 ways:

    1) At the beginning

    2) At the ending

    3) At a specified index in the linked list.

All the 3 ways are explained here.

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