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By Subhadeep Das

The Python Project basically detects the edges and provides a black and white streaming with inbuilt webcam. We can quit the streaming video feed using the Spacebar key.

First, I gave two choices to the user as to which webcam he/she wants to use, his inbuilt webcam or the external webcam.

After choosing the required webcam, I used OpenCV to get access to the camera and live stream the video feed.

Now, I converted the displayed image to grayscale image.

After converting to grayscale, I used Canny and GaussianBlur to blur the image so that I can get the edges easily.

Now, I gave a condition that the video feed will close only after pressing the Spacebar key.

Now, run the program and get the desired result.

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Submitted by Subhadeep Das (Subhadeep)

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