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Location finder and develops a map Using Python


This is a Python program using which you can find a place using the co-ordinates and develop a map of that current co-ordinate.


To run this code following libraries should be installed:-

1. Reverse_geocoder -> This is the library that is used for offline reverse geocoding. It's a process of getting location through co-ordinates.

2. pprint  -> This is the library that is used to display output in a structured manner i.e in a nice way.

3. folium -> This is the library that is used to generate a map using the coordinates.


Code Instruction:-

1. Enter the proper X-coordinate and  Y-coordinate (eg: 32.2574,77.17481 Co-ordinate of Manali).

2. Enter a name for the map and the map name must end with (.html). 

3. After this you will get your location and an HTML file will be generated in the folder that contains the location on the map.



Download Complete Code


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