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Login and register system using Node.js, Express.js and MongoDB

By Samim Raja Mollick

This is a simple login and register system project. I have used Node.js and Express.js which is a web application framework of Node.js, and also used a database that is MongoDB.

First of all, we have to initialize our project by executing the following command.

npm init -y

Open the terminal then write the above command on the terminal and execute the command to initialize the project.

After that, we have to install some dependencies from the npm package manager by writing the installation commands on the terminal and executing those:

Install express

npm i express

Install MongoDB

npm i mongodb

Install mongoose

npm i mongoose

Install body-parser

npm i body-parser

Install ejs

npm i ejs

Install nodemon

npm i nodemon

We can also download all the dependencies together like below:

npm i express mongodb mongoose body-parser ejs nodemon

After writing the above command on the terminal execute it to download all the dependencies together.

Make sure that you have installed MongoDB on your device.

Below is the screenshot of the login and registration page:


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Submitted by Samim Raja Mollick (samim)

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