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Login and Registration System (C++)

By Rocky Kumar

This is a C++ user registration project. Users have to register(give) their private username and password so that all information of the user can be secured.

This Login and Registration project involves C++ source code.

Explanation of source code:- In this code, three features involve 1)Login, 2)Registration, 3)Forgot Credentials.

1) In Login function, take input username and password and read the file(name-username) using 'ifstream' class and if the username and password matches with the existing username and password in the file then Login successful message will be shown on the screen otherwise login error will be shown.

2) In the Register function, take the input username and if this username already exists in the file then it will show username already taken and after verifying that the username is unique then input the password and then make a file to store these credentials, for making file 'ofstream' class uses here and after writing username and password in the file(name-username), registration is successful message will be shown on the screen.

3) In Forgot function, involves forgot credentials via username or via password, from username just ask username input and match this username in the existing username from the file and if it matches then the corresponding password will be shown on the screen and the same thing happens for searching username from password.

In the main function, all these functions will execute after choosing the preferred choice.

->  Many management organizations like Colleges, Railways, Banks, are required such type of system for securing/private user's information by asking for usernames and passwords.


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