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Login and Registration system in C++

By Raman Kishore Singh

This code is in C++ that enables the user to register and login into the system. It can be used to manage the data entered by the user.

The project code is in C++ that involves a user registration process by asking username and password. Upon successful registration, a user file is created with the credentials. If the user does not exist, upon login, an error will be shown.

Software Requirements:

1. Code blocks 

How to use:

When you run the code in code blocks you will be given two options:

 1. Register

 2. Login

First, you have to register. You have to select your username and password.

Registered details are stored in the folder named data.

After, you hit enter then you can log in by choosing option 2 and filling required details.

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  • Disha Deshmane :

    I want to download this project

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    • Faruque Ahamed Mollick (frkmollick)
    • Yes, you can download it by clicking on the download button...