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Login form in Python using Tinker

By Navya Dua

This Python package is a login form using tinker. In this packet , usernames and passwords are stored in a text file and read from it for validating the login

Login Form is one of the first screens to be developed in any project. So in this packet, we have developed a Login Form using tinker in Python.

This form validates the username and password entered by a user by comparing to those stored in a file.

The Python library used is Tinker

Tinker is one of the most commonly used libraries for creating GUI based applications in Python

About the Packet

1. Uses a file to store the username and password

 Format to store username and password in text file

username password username password

 2. Shows a message box depending on the user inputs

Access Granted Messege Box            Wrong Password Messege Box

3. Login button to validate inputs

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