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Login GUI in Java

By Ashlesha Laxman Aher

This package is of login GUI in Java which has username, password and a login button . It can be used in website development where login details are necessary.

I have created a login form using GUI (Graphical User Interface) in Java. it has username, password and login button displayed on the frame . when user enters detail the form gives the message whether the login is successful or not.

The pacakages used are:

java.awt package and java.swing package.

components used are:

JButton, JFrame, JLabel, JPanel, JPasswordField, JTextField.

AWT and Swing are used in developing window-based applications with the help of Java language. AWT is an abstract window toolkit and Swing is mainly referred to as Java Foundation Classes (JFC).


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Submitted by Ashlesha Laxman Aher (ashleshaaher)

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