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Luck based games in C++

By Kirti Vardhan

This is a C++ code which includes three different completely luck-based games. One can easily switch between the games and the amount won in one game can be used in the other games as well.

In this C++ project, a player can bet her/his money in three different games an win a lot of money. The games are :

1) Guess the number : The player gets 5 chances to guess a randomly generated number between 1 and 50 (including both). The player wins the amount according to the number of tries she/he takes.

2) Rock-Paper-Scissor : It is the old rock-paper-scissor game but this time you bet your money on it and compete with the computer's luck.

3) Card-Wars : In this game you and the computer, both get a chance to randomly pick a card among a pack of 52. One with a card of higher rank wins.

Other important rules and winning amount conditions have been stated in the code.

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Submitted by Kirti Vardhan (Kirti1)

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