Coders Packet

JavaScript Lyrics Searcher

By Abhishek Upmanyu

Lyrics Search using JavaScript is a packet using which we can find out lyrics to any song.

In this enclosed package is the Lyrics-search engine which helps the user search for any lyrics just by entering the name of the song or the entire song playlist of the searched artist. 

The project is divided into 3 parts, namely, 'index.html' which is the HTML part of the project. Secondly, 'style.css' is the CSS part that is used to format the HTML part and align it better for more friendly user interaction. The last part, 'script.js' is the JavaScript part of the project which is used to make it more interactive.

The methodology for the JavaScript part is done in the following way: we attach the lyrics API so that when the user wants to read or know the lyrics, the user can have immediate access to it. Then, we search by song or the particular artist, followed by DOM presentation of artist or song, then aligning the songs in the list followed by fetching of lyrics using the API. 


The opening webpage

Searching for artist

Desired lyrics of a song

Download Complete Code


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