Coders Packet

Main Stylesheet (style.css) of WordPress theme with header texts

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

This packet contains Main Stylesheet of WordPress theme with header texts which is style.css.

It contains a CSS file which is the main style.css of a WP theme. It contains all the header parts like, theme Name, Theme URI, Author, Author URI and all the other information.

Every theme will contain this header comment. Without the header comment section, the theme will not be consider as a valid theme and it will not be installed and actiavted.

These are some comments at the top of the style.css. WordPress uses the header comment section of this stylesheet to display information about the theme in the Appearance (Themes) dashboard panel.

You can use this to start developing your own custom theme. It will help you to start your theme development journey. Best of luck.

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