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MCQ based QUIZ in C++

By Namit Jain

The project is a multiple choice questions based quiz which stores the details of the quiz takers (details of the person, score, etc.) and stores them in a file for further access.

The MCQ based quiz is password protected i.e. for starting the quiz program the user needs to input a password so that no unauthorized person can access the program.

When starting the quiz user will be given a qualification question (randomly generated from a group of qualification questions) which he/she has to answer correctly for taking part in the quiz. Then the user enters his/her details and takes the quiz by answering the questions which are also randomly generated from a pool of questions. User can skip a question which he/she does not want to answer and also can exit from the quiz. The quiz contains a total of 10 questions and details about markings are provided at the start of the quiz.

The details of the user and his performance after the quiz is completed is stored in a file ranked according to the score in decreasing order.

The file can be accessed from other choices given in the project to view, edit or delete the records each function requiring a password to be entered to access the function.

Password for starting : project
Password to access file : project

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