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Menu Driven Sorting Techniques Using C++

By Shubham Deepak Kokane

This menu-driven program is implemented using C++ language, allows the user to select a particular sorting technique from the menu, and automatically the sorted result is generated to the user.

Introduction: In computational programming, an arrangement in a sequential manner is called "sorting". The importance of sorting algorithms lies in such that data searching can be optimized to a very greater extent level, if it is stored in a sorted manner.

About: Sorting has a variety of applications in-

           1). Searching of the element becomes easy

           2). For performing advanced data structures 

           3). For finding the element uniqueness.


System Requirements: 1). Windows OS/Ubuntu OS(for Windows->i3+ generation, 4GB RAM+ specification)

                                  2). Any of the editing tool such as VS Code, Dev C++(For Ubuntu->C++ Compiler should be installed)

                                  3). Online editing tool such as jdoodle, CodeChef online compiler, etc is an alternative option.


Conclusion: Once elements are entered by the user, automatically the elements are sorted in an ascending order which makes not only the code much cleaner but also the overall efficiency of the code increases. Other operations such as finding the uniqueness of the code, searching, etc can be performed once the sorting is done.






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