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Mix Cipher using JAVA

By Khushi Jain

This is a Java Project to Encrypt/Decrypt a text using Caesar Cipher with more than one key.

In Caesar Cipher Method, each letter of a plain text is shifted by some fixed alphabets. It is the simplest encryption/decryption technique. Also, it works only with alphabets.

In this project, I have created a mixed Caesar cipher using JAVA in which we have to input three keys. Keys input can be either for a left shift or a right shift. The keys are repeated in order to match the length of plaintext/ciphertext just like the Vigenere cipher.

This project is very convenient to encrypt/decrypt the text as one cannot guess which cipher we used. 


Let's say, we inputted three keys,

key1 = -2,

key2 = 1,

key3 = 2,

and the plain text is "HELLOWORLD". So, the ciphertext we obtained is "FFNJPYMSNB".


Ciphertext: FFNJPYMSNB

shift: -2, 1, 2


This project is developed by IntelliJ IDEA.


Download Complete Code


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