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By Siddharth Arora

Java Based Mobile Banking is a Simple Program which implements if Statements, For loops, try-catch block, while loop, Scanner class, Switch Statement.

A User-Driven application based on Java language which contains Simple Feature of an Mobile Banking.

This application contains the Following Features-

An account will be created with 500.0 Balance at initial, then the following options can be choosen.

1.CHECK BALANCE -It will Display User's Account Balance.

2.TRANSFER MONEY - User can withdraw his money from account but the amount need for withdrawal should be greater than the amount in his account balance.

3.ADD MONEY- User can Self-add Money in his account with this option.

4.CHANGE PIN - User need to ENTER a 4 digit number pin. If user fails to enter 4 digit number, he can again try to enter 4 digits. The Pin should be like "1467" not "abc" or "12345". 2 failed attempts will result in Program Termination.

5.E-TRANSACTION - It will display User's Transactions.

6.QUIT- User can quit the program.

Mobile Banking

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