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Mobile Comparison System In JAVA Using JSP, Servlet, Bootstrap

By Sanjay Kumar

Mobile Comparison System is a system which enables you to compare your desired smartphones.


The purpose of Mobile Comparison System Project is to provide major differences between your desired smartphones and it gives you an idea to buy most suitable smartphone for you.


1. Dashboard Page (http://localhost:8085/MobileComparison/DashBoard)

This page is the landed page of website.This page contains list of smartphones informartion on cards.Each card contains a smartphone's Model name, Brand name, Price, Rating, a VIEW button and a COMPARE button.Also,This page have a Filter option. 

(a) VIEW Button - This button is used to show mobile information. 

(b) COMPARE Button - Using this button you can select multiple smartphones and you can compare them.


2. Filter Page (http://localhost:8085/MobileComparison/Filter)

This page is same as the Dashboard Page except it only contains filtered smartphones list of cards.


3. Compare Page (http://localhost:8085/MobileComparison/Compare)

This page contains a table which shows the all the key features of selected smartphones for compare.Each smartphone's information seprated with the border.Some key features like Model name, Price, Processor, RAM, ROM, Battery, Display, OS and Rating etc. 


4. Admin Login Page (http://localhost:8085/MobileComparison/Login)

This page contains an Email field and a Password field.After user authentication, it redirects user to Admin Dashboard Page.


5. Admin Dashboard Page (http://localhost:8085/MobileComparison/Admin)

This page contains list of all smartphones available in the database and each smartphone has a column which contains DELETE and EDIT button.

This page also contains an ADD Button and a Logout button.


6. ADD Button (On Admin Dashboard Page)

This button is used to insert new smartphone's information in database.


7. DELETE Button (On Admin Dashboard Page)

This button deletes the smartphone from the database. 


8. EDIT Button (On Admin Dashboard Page)

This button is used to modify the smartphone's information.


9. Admin Logout Button (On Admin Dashboard Page)

Using this button you can the logout from the Admin Dashboard Page and it redirects user to Admin Login Page.



1. Backend -

Java, Servlet.

2. Frontend -

Bootstrap, JSP, HTML & CSS.



1. Eclipse IDE

2. PostgreSQL version 4.84

3. Apache Tomcat version 9.0


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