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Modern periodic Table using C++

By Pranav Singh

A C++ project to show the modern periodic table using a structure and other functions.

This is a short program to explain the working of functions and methods in C++. When you run the exe file, a log-in screen will appear showing three options that are admin, user, and a quit option to exit the program. When you select the admin option, you have to enter the password which is 12345 by default. After you enter the password correctly you get three options on the main screen which are adding a new element, searching the new element, and quitting to the login screen. Adding an element requires basic details of an element that are atomic number, atomic weight, name, symbol, and the block to which it belongs. Searching will be explained in the next paragraph. Entering the incorrect password refreshes the screen to log in screen.

When you enter the user screen it gives you two options that are searching an element and quitting to the login screen. Searching an element gives you three options that are, search an element by name, atomic number, and by symbol. When you run the program you have to enter the details of an element in order to search and view them.

Several small functions are added to make the program look a little bit better such as changing the color of the background and the texts and changing the location of the texts.

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