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Mouse Action, Event and Position using Java in applet viewer screan of the desktop

By Rishabh Rajput

This project is developed using Java Programming Language for many mouse events, Mouse Position, and action on desktop using cmd and appletviewer

This project/Module is developed using Java Programming language. This program/ Module Code will provide many mouse event :

1. When the user will click, it will show clicked

2. When the user will unclick, it will show unclick

3. When the cursor will go outside the Window, it will show exited

4. When the user will click and drag, it will show drag. After unclick and releasing, it will show released. when dragging will stop, it will show pressed

5. Most important It will show the coordinates of the cursor.

6.  It will also show that the mouse is moving.

And many more events will be there in this program on the desktop in appletviewer screen. It will provide details about the appletviewer screan /desktop and the events & position of the mouse on that screan where the user can set control or they can also set bounds of that control using that position.

User can also manage event handling on that screan if they want to change the color of the screan or any other dynamic effect in every event 


The programmer can use all these events for event handlings like when they want to change the background color or any other effect in each handling, they can use it for that.

After the programmer will know the position of the cursor or window they can set any button, textbox, label, or any other controls at that place. 


To compile and run this code, user have to follow these steps:-

1. open CMD

2. Go to the folder where the code is.

3. Type: Javac

4. Type: Java MouseXY

Download Complete Code


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