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Multithreaded client server based chat application in Java

By Saurabh Kailas Khule

Multithreaded client server-based chat application which works with multiple clients parallelly and uses Java socket programming with multithreading concepts.


In this project, we are going to develop a multithreaded client-server-based chat application in Java. This will help the users to have broadband as well as personal chat.

First of all, create three java files.,, and To connect the multiple clients to the server at a time, go to edit configurations and allow multiple multiple instances of the file. 

There are some options available which one has to follow to use this application. 

1. Simply type a message to send a broadcast to all active clients. 

2. Type '@usernameyourmessage' without quotes to send a message to the desired user.

3. Type 'WHOISIN' without quotes to see all active users.

4. Type 'LOGOUT' without quotes to log off from the server.

Now you are ready to run the files. First of all, run the serer file, then run the client file number of times you want the clients to be connected. Then enter the username and start chatting. 


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