Coders Packet

Music Player Android APP in Java

By Ankit Shukla

This app enables user to play the songs which they have already downloaded from the internet. The songs should be stored in the internal storage and not in the memory card for the app to work.

This packet contains the source code for the app. The packet has java file, manifest file and the other required codes and files to run the code. To use the one should follow the steps below :-

step 1: Download the zip file and extract the files.

step 2: Open the android studio and select the option open existing project.

step 3: Navigate through the box and open the folder where the file is saved.

step 4: Select the build.gradle file and wait for the dowload and other process to complete.

You are ready to go. You can now modify the code and make the app according to your imagination.

Download Complete Code


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