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Music player in Python using tkinter

By Tasha Ansar

This music player is created using Python. It is a simple yet basic design, which can be modified beautifully by choosing various fonts, colors, layouts. I hope you will like it.

A music player created by you is way much better and yet easy to handle. You can make it on your own. Add songs to your playlist and yes run the code.
I have made this using Tkinter, pygame, os as my libraries.
Tkinter is a quite known and most used library which can create eyecatching,well-managed GUI Applications.
Pygame: Pygame is a very useful library that holds good when we talk about audio, video, etc. Pygame is used for providing various functions to this music player system.
OS: OS gives us a large variety of functioning of the Operating System. OS is mainly used to fetch our playlist of songs from the directory and play it in this music system application.
We will be using loops, various methods to make this system. It's quite simple and a nice project idea for beginners or intermediates.
Thanks, hope it helps you.

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