Coders Packet

Music Player using Android Studio and Java

By Priyadarshini Gopal

The music player reads all music files on the device for the user to select and play a song.

The music player has the following functionalities:

1. Display:

    The player reads all the music files from the device memory and displays all the songs on the home page.

    The user can select a song from the list to play.

2. Play a song

    The song chosen by the user is played in the player.

    The user can jump to any part of the song using the seekbar provided.

3. Pause a song:

    The pause button pauses the current song in the current position.

4. Next:

    The next button plays the next song that lies in the list after the song currently playing.

5. Previous:

    The previous button plays the previous song that lies in the list before the song currently playing.

The player requires permission to read external storage of the device.

Once the access is provided, the player displays and plays all the music files in the device.

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