Coders Packet

Music - Player For Mac using Electron.js

By Rishiraj Behera

A music player application for MacOs built using Electron.js. It has a classic design and you can add music and image files to it.

Music Player in Electron.

By the help of Electron.js, one can make Desktop applications using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. 

This Music Player is built with Vanilla JavaScript. But, one can use React.js or Angular or anyother JavaScript Framework used for web to make this application. 

Music Player

How To Make Your Own Electron App? 

1. To get started with Electron, first you need to make sure that node, git and npm are installed on your device.

2. After installing the above three, to install the Electron, run the below command on your terminal:

npm install electron --save-dev

3. Then to build your 1st Electron application, say "coderspacket", then run the below command in terminal:

npm create-electron-app coderspacket

4. This will create a prototype of your app. Go to the directory and click on the "src" folder. There'll be 'HTML', 'CSS', and a JS file present. 

5. To launch the app, type in your terminal:

npm run


-> Now, you are ready to work on your new application. 

-> Thanks for reading, if you have any queries then feel free to reach me:



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