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My Form House Plan Using HTML & CSS

By Hemanth Bharadwaj

This project is building a house for my future, it is a form house plan where I design a house using CSS & HTML.

From childhood, I had planned to build a house in the future, whenever I want to relax or escape from stress far from the city. 

Maybe this would be my dream house, designed in this project house plan where I used CSS & HTML to design this plan. My dream house should include with Living Room, 1 master bedroom attached with a master bathroom and bathing tub, and another bedroom, 1 guest room with a kitchen and utility room. 

Most importantly a tennis court where I would love to plan tennis and a pool and large area lawn where I can have a campfire, the backyard should be more widespread.

For this house plan with all these facilities, I used relative, absolute positioning, borders, and specifically margins to locate all the rooms as per my requirements to design.

House Plan



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