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N-Queen problem using Java

By Anirban Chatterjee

Return a binary matrix that gives 1s for the block where queens are placed. We use Backtracking to solve this problem

Hello programmers I hope you have learned recursion properly before solving this problem.

So in recursion, we first take a base condition

     - Here row = n is the base condition

The output we are finding is where we have to place N chess queens in a NxN board where no queens attack each other.

 Explanation: We have to place each queen in a different column, when we place a queen in a column we have to check for clashes with other queens.

We have to go to each and every row and column and mark it as safe, otherwise if we find a clash we backtrack and return false.

After repeating this when we reach the end and when row = N we return true / we return the final output.

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