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NaamKarana (Provide Suitable names Starting with the given keyword)

By rakshit kumar sharma

NaamKarana is a React.js Based web application which provides name suggestions based on the keywords provided by user.

NaamKarana takes keywords as input by the user and produces names related the Keyword provided by the user.

To get the names as per the user requirement I have used the following api ->'

To run this app on the local machine we should have node and npm installed.

download node from the link given below ->

open the project folder in any of the code editor such as Visual Studio Code.

now type npm i in the terminal

this will install all the required dependencies required to run thie app (it will take some time to download and install....around 5 min)

now type npm start 

this will start the application on localhost:3000.

to stop the application press ctrl + c

Download Complete Code


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