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Newsletter-Signup Using NodeJS, ExpressJS, Mailchimp

By sharad sharma

Newsletter-Signup is a source code of an application that is used to send News-letters via Email. On this Web Application user just have to sign up using first name, last name and Email.

In this project, I used NodeJs and ExpressJs for the backend,

for frontend, I have used HTML and CSS

and for the Email server or user used to store details(Email, Name) via Newsletter-Signup application, I have used Mailchimp Server.

Mailchimp is an American marketing automation platform and email marketing service for managing mailing lists and creating email marketing campaigns to send to customers.

when user open the application via link-: 

It will ask for some details like First name, Last name and Email after that user has to click on the Sign Me Up button that will store the user details on the Mailchimp server and give a confirmation about successfully Registration of the Newsletter. After Registering the Mailchimp server will send a welcome mail to the user.

Download Complete Code


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