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NMap Scanner - Python

By Subhayu Roy

This is simple Python automation of NMap Scanner. This Project helps in finding whether the ports are opened in the device, IP address of that device is given as input.

NMap Scanner Automation


in Python3

***So, what is NMap actually?***

Basically, NMap is an open-source software which is short for Network Mapper. It is mainly used for vulnerability scanning and network discovery.

On a much simpler scale it is a port-scanner tool and helps in discovering the hosts tahat are available and for security risks too.

Here, I have tried to build one such automation tool using the programming lnguage Python 3.7

I have done all the coding in a Jupyter notebook, whic can be accessed from [here](NMap_Scanner.ipynb)

Here's the output for Comprehensive scan

Welcome, this is a simple nmap automation tool!
Please enter the IP address you want to scan:
The IP you entered is:

Please enter the type of scan you want to run:
1)SYN ACK Scan
2)UDP Scan
3)Comprehensive Scan
You choice = 3
You have selected option: 3
Nmap Version: (7, 60)
{'tcp': {'method': 'syn', 'services': '1-1024'}}
Ip Status: down
{'hostnames': [{'name': '', 'type': ''}], 'addresses': {'ipv4': ''},
'vendor': {}, 'status': {'state': 'down', 'reason': 'no-response'}}


After downloading the python-nmap module using pip, you need to restart your Jupyter Notebook.

Download Complete Code


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