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Collection Framework (Lists) in Java

By Abhishek Vishwakarma

Collection Frameworks contains all Data Structures of JAVA. In this packet, we will be looking at ArrayList, LinkedList, and Stack.

Lets us talk about ArrayList in Java.

It is a part of Collection Framework which is present in java.util package

Here .add() is used to add elements in ArrayList.

.set() is used to change the elements in the ArrayList.

.remove() is used to remove the elements.

And some other methods are discussed in the code


Lets us talk about LinkedList in Java.

It is also a part of the Collection Framework found in java.util package.

It is a Linear Data Structure.

To add, change and remove elements same method are used as used in ArrayList.


Lets us talk about Stack

It is a part of Collection Framework in Java found in java.util package

This is based on the principle of Last In First Out and also said as extended Vector.


All the methods of these three Data Structures are discussed in the codes.

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