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Guess The Number Game using Java

By Nitika Jain

Guess the Number Game using Java programming language is an interesting game. In this game you will have to think of a whole number and the system will try to guess that number.

So, to start the game one needs to think of any number between 1 and 100.

After every guessing system will give you three options to choose from-

first, if the guessed number is correct,

second, if the guessed number is higher than your number,

and third, if the guessed number is lower than your number

Then you will have to choose one of them till the system shows you the correct number.

The system will record all your responses and it will get closer to the correct answer with every guess. At the end of this game, the system will show you the total number of guesses it took to get the right number.

That's how this game works.

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Submitted by Nitika Jain (Nitijainn1)

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