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Online Classes Scheduling Using Java Servlets and MySQL

By Surobhi Bose

A Web Application created using Servlets in Java and phpMyAdmin as localhost to schedule online classes.

The project helps you to schedule online classes by entering required data. First of all, you will get a Login form where you have to enter the correct credentials.

After verification it will lead you to a page where you will get following options:

-My Profile
-Schedule Online Class(Button)
-Check Upcoming Online Classes(Button)

If you click on the "Schedule" Button, you will moved to a page where you have to fill the online class details such as, name of the course, trainer's name, date(from when you want to start the class), select your education from the dropdown option, duration of the class, and the online means from where you want to conduct the class(Google meet, Zoom, Microsoft Teams).

After entering all the details, a confirmation message will appear and the class data will be stored to the database.
On Clicking "Check Upcoming Online Classes" you can see all the class details from the database till date.
And by Logout button you can simply logout yourself and move to the login page again.

phpMyAdmin Database Screenshot after scheduling a class:


1. Eclipse IDE (any other IDE your prefer)
3. phpMyAdmin


-Knowledge of Java and MYSQL.
-Basic Knowledge of HTML to create a web page.
-Knowledge of JDBC.

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