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Online Food Delivery System using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL

By Gaurav Kumar

Web Development Project for Online Food Delivery created by making use of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and SQL.

The application has been developed using SQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with the connectivity being achieved through the use of PHP. Materialize CSS framework has been used to improve the GUI. 

This is an attempt to show how a basic Online Food Delivery system works and also, showcases the data being accessed, retrieved, and manipulated very easily through the help of the user-friendly interface developed.

It consists of a Sign-Up Page for registering new users, a Login Page for user's login, Admin Page for admin to enter his credentials and login to his main page, Admin's operation page where the admin can update the available foods along with the prices and finally a User's operations page where the user can place an order for their food.

Changes can be made as per requirements.

Thank You!!

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  • vishal kolare :

    Could  you please help me to set up this project and what is the IDE you have to use to create this project

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