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Online Quiz/MCQ test using Jakarta/Java Server Pages (JSP) and Servlet.

By Katha Roy

The project provides a platform for taking quiz /MCQ test online. In this online test , the user will have to take the quiz and submit. After submission the result would be shown to the user.

Users of the System

     Anyone can use this online application.

Functional Requirements

  1. Users shall select the correct answer of the given MCQ by clicking on their choice of option.
  2. Marks for the quiz/MCQ test: 1 question x 1marks for correct answer.No negative marking.
  3. After the quiz is done, the user should click the "Submit" button given at the end(Unless all the questions are attended the result WONT BE SHOWN).
  4. After submitting the user will get the result will be shown for each question.
  5. If the user for any reason wants to restart the quiz afresh then the "Reset" button can be clicked on ans then can continue.

User Interface Priorities

  1. Professional look and feel
  2. Use of Jakarta/Java Server page for creating the quiz/MCQ application and Jakarta/Java Servlet page for connecting the created application to the result page on system localhost.

Tools to be used

  1. Use any IDE to develop the project. It may be Myeclipse / Eclipse / NetBeans.
  2. Server: Apache Tomcat/JBoss/Glassfish/Weblogic/Websphere.
  3. Platform:JDK 1.8

Technology used



How to run this project

     Import the project on the IDE and run it. It will be created automatically.After importing the project,the code can be improvised for adding more questions,for changing the marking pattern or for other improvisations accordingly.The executable file is also included in the "dist" folder.

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