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Palindrome Checker using Java GUI

By Devang Pathak

This project checks the input string whether it is a palindrome or not, designed using Java GUI.

A string is Palindrome if the position of each character remains the same in case even string is reversed.

Eg: mom, dad, aibohphobia, nurses run, madam, etc.

The Algorithm used in this project reverses the character in the string and stores it in a variable. Then the new string is compared with the initial string if the character at the particular position is the same as the initial string after the reversal. The string is reversed by iterating it in a loop and retrieving each character at a time.

The GUI uses a simple JFrame that has a Text Area and a Button. Upon clicking the check button, the string provided by the user undergoes the checking algorithm that displays a message box to verify if the string is a palindrome or not.

Kindly allude to the screen captures for a superior view.

Screen captures:

Download Complete Code


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