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Panel Transition using Java Swing

By Devang Pathak

This project utilizes a survey form to showcase the JPanel transition without changing the JFrame, designed using Java GUI.

This project uses the following component:

Java AWT (Abstract Window Toolkit) is an API to foster GUI or window-based applications in java. Java AWT segments are stage subordinate for example parts are shown by the perspective on the working framework. AWT is heavyweight for example its parts are utilizing the assets of OS.

The java.awt bundle gives classes to AWT API like TextField, Label, TextArea, RadioButton, CheckBox, and so forth

Java Swing is a part of Java Foundation Classes that is utilized to make window-based applications. It is based on the highest point of AWT (Abstract Windowing Toolkit) API and totally written in java. Not at all like AWT, Java Swing gives stage-free and lightweight parts.

The javax.swing bundle gives classes to java swing API, for example, JButton, JTextField, JTextArea, JRadioButton, JCheckbox, JMenu, JColorChooser, and so on.

The JPanel is the least complex container class. It gives space in which an application can append some other part. It acquires the JComponents class.

The CardLayout class deals with the parts in such a way that only each component is apparent in turn. It regards every part as a card that is the reason it is known as CardLayout.

If the user fills the form the data can be stored using a JDBC SQL connection and can be used for statistical data collection. The Next button switches between the panels that are added. Upon submitting, a Dialog Box appears confirming the submission (if no error occurred).

Kindly allude to the screen captures for a superior view.

Screen captures:

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