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Parallel Document Search System In C and C++ Using MPI

By Anish Kapoor

Parallel document search system in C++ and C using MPI directory. Comparison of linear and parallel search times.

In this project, a parallel document search system is implemented. The algorithm implementation is similar to Supervised Search. In this system, each document is represented with a weight vector . A weight vector is composed of number of elements such that each of the weight values corresponds to the relationship between the file and word in our dictionary, and is the dictionary size is only an integer here, we do not have an actual dictionary. Queries to the system are insterted to the system. A query has same vector definition as a document vector . Finally, the program takes as input and will give top related documents as output according to given similarity function. Set of files will be given as an input file to your system. Each line of the input file contains id of document, consecutive integers which are seperated by a single space. Computatonal time for sequential and parallel time is displayed.

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