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Parking Management System In C++

By Viplav Anand

Parking management system will help to manage parking lots . It will help us to view which parking lot number is vacant or occupied and calculate the bill amount.

Parking management system is a cpp application. It helps in manage parking lots. helps us in parking cars to vacant spaces and making exit cars from occupied spaces. It also records the time of entry and time of exit and gives us how many minutes the car was parked. According to minutes count, it will generate bill amount at the time of exit.

Can perform following operations:-

1.Viewing layout and available spaces.

2.Park the car.

3.Car exit and calculate the bill


Language used:- Cpp

Library Used :- string.h,time.h

Concept used:-Hashing, string to int , int to string, switch case

  Parking Car At position 4

Car Parking At postion 4

 Layout shows after parking at 4 it is occupied

Layout showing after parking at 4 it is occupied

Making exit car and calculating BILL

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