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Parking System in C++ using concepts of data structures

By Sharan Patil

This project which is parking system is written in C++.This project makes good use of concepts of data structures in its implementation and also good example of macros in it.

This project is a implementation of a parking system and this project is written completely in C++.
This project has the following options available in it

1. Arrival of a vehicle
2. Total number. of vehicles parked
3. Total number. of cars parked
4. Total number. of scooters parked
5. Display order in which vehicles are parked
6. Departure of vehicle
7. Exit

This project has implementation of data structures in it.You can use any C++ compiler or ide for running the .cpp file.

Download Complete Code


  • Muhammad Safiullah :

    Hello Sir! Can you help me please, which Data structure is used in it Please guide me?

    I have a presentation of Car Parking system project Using DS.

    Please Reply to Me sir 

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