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Password generator in Python

By Chereddy Vivek Reddy

In this project, we will learn how to generate a password using python. We use the "random" function in this code.


  • The Python code in the packet is used to generate a password in a particular format.
  • Format of the password is :
    "Company name"+"@"+"random 5 digit number" + "a character " + "one upper case and lower case alphabet"


  • "random" function is used to generate random numbers and alphabets.


  • The generated password will be strong because it has 2 special characters, upper and lowers case alphabets and numbers.
  • The code takes company name as input and generates a password in the above-given format.
  • While using this code, you can give the company name as an argument and it will return a password.
  • The Company name is sent as an argument to the function generate_password


#Taking company name as input

#calling generate_password function
#sending company name as a argument


  • code in the generate_password function is explained in pictures below.


# defining generate_password function by taking company name as a argument
def generate_password(company_name):
    #First step to create our password:
    #adding '@' charecter to company name and now we have a password
    #Second step : adding five random numbers to our present password
    #chr is used to show charecter of given ASCII number and
    #ASCII numbers of numbers from 0 to 9 are 48 to 57
    for i in range(5):


  • declaring a list named array and appending few characters to our list



#declaring a list named array and appending few charecters to our list
#Third step: Adding a charecter to our present password.
#Fourt step: Adding a upper case and a lower case alphabet to our present password.
#ASCII values of alphabests are as shown 65 to 90 for upper case and 97 to 122 for lower case.
#now we have a password in the format
# returning final password
return password


Input and Output:



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