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Password Manager using Python

By Sairam Patil

It can store and even generate a powerful password for you, so you don't even have to stress on that.

This project is done in Python programming language.
This project is divided into 4 parts.
1) UI Setup
2) Password Manager
3) Save Password
4) Search from Database
1)UI Setup
UI Setup
Here we start by creating a window using tkinter, next there is variable font which is used every in the project.
We have created label and entry of the following website, email/username, password and place them on window, 
you have to use the trial and error method to place them exactly where you want them.
Then we have 3 buttons generate, add, retrieve which we use to generate password, save the data, retrieve already saved password respectively.
2) Password Manager
Password Generator
We create a function where we use 3 Lists, which contains letters, numbers and symbols respectively in each list.
we will connect this function to the command of Generate button. Above is the example of a generated Passwod.
We generate 3 random integers between 4 to 10, each used to get random values from each list and then join them, 
now we shuffle it to get a strong and powerful password.
When we hit Generate the generated password automatically gets copied to the clipboard by pyperclip.
3) Save Password
Save Password
Here we define a function called save, where we save the data entered by a user in JSON format.
Here we gather all inputs from user and store them in a JSON file using try-except-else method to avoid error.
If there's a JSON that doesn't exist then we create one.
If the user forgets to fill any of the fields then we show a warning message using messagebox in tkinter.
Don't leave any field empty
4) Search from Database
Search from Database
User only has to type the website name and hit "Retrive" button to get the password that the user has already stored.
If the user didn't save the credentials for a particular website and try to retrieve one, then he will get an error message.
Data doesn't exist
Hope you like it.

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