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Personal identification number(PIN) generation for ATM cards Using C++.

By Sandhya yegireddi

A Personal identification Number generation Using C++ is a Process of generating a New PIN to an ATM card.

A personal identification number (PIN), is the identity of a customer that he is the only person who is doing transactions that is because he can only have the right to do any transactions with his account.

The personal identification number is authenticated with customer information. so every cardholder must have a PIN after creating a bank account we need to generate a PIN for security. So Basically Passwords consist of alphanumeric values but ATM Pin is only a four-digit number.

Commonly PINs are used for security reasons like in Bank lockers for mobile Locks and here In this Project, We are Generating a PIN for Bank accounts . Generally, Banks will give an ATM card for transactions at ATM centers, but nowadays by using that card details, we can do transactions from anywhere online. for that purpose also we need our account PIN for creating an account for online payments. 

The PIN contains With an ATM card is efficient to do transactions easily that will authenticate user account information with publisher information is the information gets match then the authentication makes success then the uses can access the amount at ATM centers.

Note: while running this program to create a new pin we have to use the account number which is already mentioned in the Program(i.e Alreday created accounts)

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