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Personal Text Editor Using Python

By Abhishek Kumar

This is a simple PYTHON program using the module TKINTER . We can write, save files, edit files with different extensions and you can do many more.

Requirements :

     ->   Python must be installed in your working system.

Features :

     ->   We can EDIT and OPEN files with different extensions.

     ->   CUT and COPY options are available.

     ->   EXIT option in main window.

     ->   Main Menu bar includes 3 options.


               a).   File Menu:   1. New

                                        2. Open

                                        3. Save

                                        4. Save As

               b).   Edit Menu:   1. Undo

                                         2. Redo

                                         3. Cut

                                         4. Copy

                                         5. Paste

               c).   Exit Menu:    1. Exit


Programming Language :

     ->   The language which we have used here in this program is PYTHON.

     ->   We have used the TKINTER module which offers us a beautiful GUI experience.

     ->   We must have a good knowledge of Class and Objects.

     ->   As we have defined a lot of functions here so prior knowledge is must.


Screenshot of this project :

     ->    Main Window:


     ->   Files Option:


     ->   Edit option:


     ->   Exit option:



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