Coders Packet

Phone Book Directory System in C++

By Sunny Ajinath Gaikwad

Phone Book Directory is a System developed in C++ that keeps all records about phone book, admin can Add, Delete, Modify, Search the record in system.

     This system is developed to keep all phone directories that the admin can add, delete, update, search the information.

     In this Project for best interaction with the user, graphics are used here. initgraph(), setColor(), setTextStyle() etc graphics methods are used to design the project. In the packet different conditional and looping statements are used for the execution of functions. Conditional statements such as if-else, equal, etc., and Looping statements such as while loop, for loop, do-while loop, switch-case also implemented.

    Under this new system, all the functionality has been added to meet the customer requirements in just a few seconds. To provide the desired result on time, the binary search method has been used to produce results in minimal time. As customers do not have to purchase new volumes each year and even they do not have to wait for the new year to get updated records. As the new customer's details will be updated by the admin side, so users will able to get updated information each time. To eliminate data redundancy and perform the validation process background codes by the class will respond to do this task. If the admin will make any mistake while entering they will be given a warning along with correction which is required to be made.

   The packet is developed in Turbo C++ in C++ language. Here the attached source file of the packet you can download and run the packet in Turbo C++.



Download Complete Code


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