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Plot of Sphere using Python

By Sheshagiri Kulkarni

Program to plot a sphere for given coordinates with the help of NumPy and Matplotlib libraries, using Python

NumPy :

NumPy is abbreviated as Numerical Python.

To serve the purpose of scientific computing NumPy is used as an Important or fundamental library.
This library of Python has vast applications such as random simulation, mathematical, logical, shape manipulation,
also transforms such as Discrete Fourier transform, this library also provides an 'N-dimensional array object, masked arrays, and matrices to perform fast array operations

Matlplotlib :

MATLAB is a powerful tool for scientific Computing, it has vast functions to give better understandings of plots, in order to implement plot generation programmatically, matplotlib.pyplot was developed. The main intention of this library is to generate an interactive plot that helps in a better understanding of the plot. It is state-based interactive interface to the library Matlplotlib.

In this program, we first take respective axis co-ordinates input to plot sphere at the center as the input coordinates then we create 2 numeric sequences using the linspace() function of NumPy with start and endpoint as 0 and 2π following this vector product of those 2 sequences along with the coordinate addition is done with the outer() function of NumPy

To represent the sphere along with random list colors plot_wireframe() function is used

As 3D visualization is complex oftentimes, Wireframe plot makes 3D plot easy to analyze and visualize by taking a grid of values and project it onto a specified 3D surface 

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