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Pokemon Game using C++

By Bhavya Gupta

Designed using C++, user can use it to play in three different modes i.e. Story Mode, Random Fight and Pokedox.

Pokemon game is a game in which user can choose three types of modes i.e.

1. Story Mode:- In this game, the user has to start his journey by selecting one pokemon(pocket monsters) and can roam around in the wild to catch other pokemon, fight gym trainers, and become the ultimate pokemon master.

2. Random Fight:- In this user can select pokemon out of the list to battle against the best pokemon trainer ASH.

3. Pokedox:- In this user can search about other pokemon on the basis of the key or name of the pokemon to get details of others around the world.


This project makes use of the Binary tree to search for a particular pokemon in the Pokedex mode. Further, it uses File handling, vectors, and structures as well.

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Submitted by Bhavya Gupta (bhavya2504)

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