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Price Comparision Tool with Python BeautifulSoup

By Navya Dua

Easily create a price comparison tool with Python BeautifulSoup that could compare prices from several websites and then offer any user the best rates of a product all in one place.

Web scraping is the process of gathering important information from a certain webpage and then exporting it in a manner that satisfies our needs.

Web scraping Python package:

Beautiful Soup is a Python package that assists with data extraction from markup languages such as HTML and XML.

requests is a Python library for retrieving URLs and accessing their contents.


It is recommended to use Google Colab or Jupyter for running this project


Steps involved in web scraping.

1. Obtaining price information from different websites

2. For our purposes, we need to process and clean data.

3. Price comparison

4. Data Archive

5. Pricing Visualization


Pre-requisites Install Python and required libraries.

pip install requests

pip install bs4

Also, basic knowledge about HTML & CSS tags is needed to understand the code.

Download Complete Code


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