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Flipkart Web Scraper using Python

By Hitesh Velaga

In this I have created a web scrapper using Python's bs4 library. Using this we can get details about a TV including brand, cost, rating and so on.

In this project, I have created a web scrapper using Python's BeautifulSoup and urlopen for getting TV details from Flipkart.

In the web scrapper I have written Pyhton code for getting details like brand, rating, size, quality, number of HDMI's and USB's and speaker quality. For more data we can just increase the URLs. This code can be made generic as you can change the names and attributes in the program.

For a new product's details this program can be modified by the html tags which can be seen in the inspect option on your browser.

By just modifying a few lines of code we can get the required details of any product on Flipkart. At the end this data is converted into a CSV file and stored in the desired location.

Module Requirments:

Python, bs4, NumPy, pandas.

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