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Program for search all possible Contacts from phone digits in C++

By Viplav Anand

In this C++ project, the application searches all contacts that have substring or string formed by pressing those words in an old-fashioned mobile keyboard.

Have you ever used old keypad mobile (like in old phones) . There were 12 button mobile phone after the qwerty keypad come in mobile . Before if you have to type you have to press number 6 button 3 times.

The old keypad mobile looked like this -






















If you want to search mom from contact you need to press 666 because  m is mapped with 6 ,o is also mapped with 6 .

If you input 6 only you will get list of all contact having substring m,n and o.

If you input 3,4 you will get list of all contacts having substring or name same dg, dh, di, eg, eh, ei, fg, fh, fi.

Similarly, if you input 876 you will get list of all contacts having substring or name same as TPM, TQM, TRM, TRM, UPM, UQM, URM, USM, VPM, VQM, VRM, VRM, TPN, TQN, TRN, TRN, UPN, UQN, URN, USN, VPN, VQN, VRN, TPO, TQO, TRO, TRO, UPO, UQO, URO, USO, VPO, VQO, VRO, VRO.

It can perform following operations:-

1. Do keypad search and list contact according to it.

2. Save new contact.

3. Show all contact list.

4. Exit

Language used:- C++

Concept Used:-file handling, recursion.

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