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Program in Java to print the Calendar with year as input (without Calendar class)

By Tanisha Adhikari

This project aims at the generation of Calendar of a year without using Calendar class and taking only year as the input implementing the use of 1D and 2D arrays in Java.

Hey coders!! I hope that everyone is well and safe. Well, today we are going to look at 1D and 2D arrays in Java and we will implement it in an interesting way.

Have you ever thought that the calendars that we see in our mobile phones or our computers have an interesting logic behind them that connects each year with another? Well this program demonstrates the above logic- the logic that lies between the years being repeated after every decade or century!!

Typically, when we are told to design a program that involves the generation of calendars we think of the first day of the month to be taken as input and as such can display the calendar of only a month of a particular year. In this particular project, all the twelve months of a year can be generated and it can be used to predict future as well as past years too!!

Below is the attached output of the current year and the year ahead as a reference. This project can be executed and cross checked for any other year as well.

Year 2021: -

Year 2022: -

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